Your models will be exclusive thanks to our original distinctive printing !



To ensure High quality printing and transmit force and originality, Tip textile has created various processes through “ENLUMINOGRAPHY” Those Tip exclusive technics make it possible to valorize significantly printing process through material and colour combinations. Those creations increase design flashing.



First, creation makes it possible to transform a basic idea in a forceful brand image, thanks to passion and magic. Then, production combine various printing techniques through which your proper design will catch public eye even stronger . That last theme leads precisely to what Tip calls “Enluminography” (Tip exclusivity)

Textile catalogues

Consult our textile range among our clothes partners… These products can be personalized with silk-screen printing, embroidery, transfer…

Visual result


“Enluminography” regroups all those jealously protected techniques to ensure the most complete customers satisfaction . Our modern embellishing techniques (Piecetta; fifty fifty; 3D…) inspire and generate attractiveness given present everlasting moving modernity.



To resume, TIP textile offers 5 permanent warranties :
-Single technique in order to be distinct, 
-Personalized illustrations to charm a large public, 
-Materials and inks especially selected for your own creations,
-A production according to the ISO 140001 (environment), ISO 50001 and ISO 9001 (quality) specifications