Textile digital printing

Textile digital printing

Digital printing

Whether in terms of finesse or rendering, textile digital printing makes the production of your creation even more accessible.
We can have a finesse worthy of the highest visual standards as well as an astonishing photo rendering.
Your small quantities are now achievable with an easier approach for you. A launch of range of which you are not sure, a creation which you want to test, etc ... That's part of what you can do with our digital printing.
As for years and always, TIP offers a technical and high quality digital printing solution.
For us, digital does not mean excessive rate and a deterioration in the quality of your product, no.
For us, digital is an opening of technical possibilities and an entry into a new world of industry.
Printed creations are your brand image and the consumer’s view of your product.
A low quality printed product does not flatter your image, it can even degrade her.

It’s up to you to take the hand !


Until now rather intended to « shop » impressions or small series of quality often far to your need, TIP now offers you a product with a constant high quality as well as the possibilty of small series and productions more substantial.

The main points of the technical advantages of digital printing:

  • Fast manufacturing and therefore delivery
  • Digital printing is the most interesting solution on the market to reproduce a limitless number of colors faithfully
  • The printing of visuals with gradients and very graphic visuals, no longer pose technical problems
  • Possibility of launching visuals all the year round (Holiday season "Theme Christmas, Valentine's Day", events, associations, etc.)
  • With a minimum of 25 pieces
  • No technical costs (no film, no screen, no calibration)
  • No creation costs (if file in accordance with the recommendations of the specifications: HD file with dimensions - 300dpi) - A4 format.
  • Like any printing technique, it has its constraints. Due to digital technology, the quality of your prints will be determined by the high quality of your files.
  • Printing on white or clear media will have an exceptional rendering and not a rendering of "touch"
  • Printing on dark-colored substrates requires, as in screen-printing, the passage of a sublayer of white, the rendering will faithfully reflect the original but with a little rendering of "touch".
  • BE CAREFUL not to use natural color (very poor rendering, traces, drying problems, etc…)

Our choice of machine was an intense industrial reflection and conditioned by several criteria:

  • Quality / cost ratio
  • Print final rendering
  • Ease of implementation
  • Maintenance cost
  • Reliability and notoriety of the machine
  • Constant evolution of machines over time

Thanks to this new technology, we are able to make digital prints coupled with our « Enluminographie » techniques. Digital hybridization and “Enluminographie” on the same product are possible according to rules to implement and different technical constraints.