Tip Sérigraphie innovative industrial customisation

A major player in innovative industrial printing on the European market.


Our ISO 9001 certfication is online!

Backed by 40 years of experience, know-how and development in screen printing, digital printing and transfer printing, TIP is here for you to meet your needs.

Working with you to carry your project to success is a part of who we are.


Industrial printing

Consistently high-quality printing - because we put quality at the centre of both our processes and our product range!

Rotomoulding transfer printing

The rotomoulding transfer printing range is a revolutionary innovation resulting from 10 years of R&D and will allow you to highlight your brand image or best use recommendations over the long term.

Transfer printing

TRANSTIP® transfer printing, whether dry, wet, recoatable or hot, enables you to carry out the printing process on your parts in your workshops with direct control over your brand image and its quality.

Industrial printing

The industrial world faces a variety of specific constraints that require visible and long-lasting prints. Industrial printing makes it possible to convey a quality visual identity for your products.
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Customised printing on aluminium plates

Directly from our Spanish branch: technical skills and expertise to carry out customisations of your specific prints on metal plates.
digital printing

Digital printing

Using a digital printer makes it even easier to produce your logos in terms of quantity, finesse and rendering. We can provide a result worthy of the highest quality visuals.
Made in France

About us

TIP INDUSTRY AND TEXTILES: 60 partners, all based in France, 40 years of experience customising via industrial printing. Our company is ready to work closely with you to find the perfect solution to your specifications.

3 production sites:

  • Pays de la Loire (Vendée, France)
  • Rhône Alpes (Ain, France)
  • Catalonia (Barcelona, Spain)

Each site can meet your customisation requirements in its specialist field.

30 years of R&D and 50 patent filings across the field of industrial customisation printing from SMEs to large corporations.

Stand out from the crowd by working with a GOTS-certified textile printing division based entirely in France, offering a unique embossed illumination-style technique.

What TIP Sérigraphie has to offer:

  • Expert knowledge of industrial printing
  • Textile customisation
  • Metal plate printing for use in the industrial, communications and tourism sectors
  • The creation of medium to large volumes

Our core business is industrial transfer printing for the aeronautics, rubber, rotomoulding, tyre and textile industries.

We also perform every type of industrial printing, including technical adhesive film (such instructions or a brand image) and domed adhesive film, faceplates or even metal plates.

tip serigraphie- locaux

An autonomous graphical chain

  • A reserve of raw materials for the most frequently ordered products
  • Method/prepress with DTP software and platesetter to output our silk screen stencils
  • Platemaking in order to produce our screens
  • Printing of 6 production lines in ¾ automatic and automatic, as well as digital printing, of course
  • Shaping via guillotines, die cutting machines, digital printing tables, laminators
  • Inspection of finished product and packaging
  • Despatch and/or storage of finished product to ensure the regular provision of your biannual or annual orders

Our company, at your service

  • The first industrial printing research and development department in Europe dedicated specifically to R&D and with three partner laboratories across Europe
  • An engineering office which pulls out all the stops to meet your specifications
  • Responsive customer quality, safety and environmental departments at your service
  • A technical sales team based in France and Europe by your side
  • A logistics department with steadily increasing storage and deliveries
  • Administrative and HR departments which act independently for most requirements
Are you looking for a customised design?

Using its innovative and revolutionary G.E.S.T. method (French acronym for Management of TIP Screen Printing Design) for defining technical needs, TIP will assist you with your project.

Our technical sales team will get back to you in under 24 hours.