Industrial screen printing

Screen printing is the oldest printing process in the world. It combines practical craftsmanship, industrial processes and innovative techniques.

Industrial screen printing needs to be innovative, long-lasting, efficient and high quality to ensure that the brand image is visible to everyone.


Our industrial screen printing range

Discover the type of industrial screen printing that is best suited to the needs of your products.

Rotomoulding transfer printing

The ROTO-TRANSTIP® range was developed by our R&D department to accommodate in’Mold as well as on’Mold/postMold applications, depending on customer requirements.

Transfer printing

The TIP TRANSTIP® range provides you with flexibility that enables you to carry out the printing process during production or as soon as the customer orders your products.

Industrial printing

This printing is carried out on a wide variety of surfaces and is designed to customise prints on materials. It is a high-performance industrial technique that requires skill, methodology, precision and rigour.
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Customised printing on aluminium plates

Metal prints draw the eye with their simplicity and meticulous finishes in aluminium, stainless steel and brass with a wide choice of finishes available. Customised metal plates will give a chic and sophisticated look to your products.
digital printing

Digital printing

High-definition customised printing which is most importantly industrial, technical and high quality. TIP has been offering a high-quality technical digital printing solution for many years now.

Screen printing adapted to your needs

Industrial screen printing is all around you in your everyday life without you even realising it. These prints are on your heaters, window and door openings, water fountains, waste and recycling bins, fishing and recreational boats, etc.

Industrial screen printing is as important as the intrinsic value of your products. A high-end, innovative, aesthetic product and a brand image that is low quality, technically obsolete and that loses its lustre in the first two years are not exactly compatible.

This is why TIP conducts studies and offers products that meet your needs and range of products.


Meeting your specifications

We wish to meet your specifications and the current standards used in your market to the best of our ability to be sure we are on the same page.

For each new product or project you entrust to us, one of our regional managers will meet with you and apply the following method:

  1. Become familiar with your business and customers.
  2. Define your technical needs using the G.E.S.T method (French acronym for Management of TIP Screen Printing Design) created and implemented by TIP and its sales and technical departments.
Are you looking for a customised design?

Using its innovative and revolutionary G.E.S.T. method (French acronym for Management of TIP Screen Printing Designs) for defining technical needs, TIP will assist you with your project

Our technical sales team will get back to you in under 24 hours.