Rotomoulding transfer printing

The ROTO-TRANSTIP® range was developed by our R&D department to accommodate in’Mold as well as on’Mold/postMold applications, depending on customer requirements.


The advantages of the IN'MOLD ROTO-TRANSTIP® 871-873 range

  • Quick and easy application thanks to a self-sticking system and the scraper, which does not require time and energy-intensive friction in the area to be decorated.
  • No adhesive added via spray or other methods during fitting.
  • Application in mould at 20°C to 70°C (smooth mould) and 30°C to 50°C (fine grain mould), regardless of your decoration’s size.
  • No adhesive residue on the item after rotational moulding.
  • Resistant to abrasion as required by the strictest specifications.
  • Resistant to conventional cleaning agents.
  • Guaranteed durability, as confirmed by a report from one of our partner laboratories.
  • Your colour chart will be followed even after rotational moulding.

Rototranstip Inmold for large size

Rototranstip Inmold for small and medium size

The advantages of the POSTMOLD ROTO-TRANSTIP® 877 decorations

  • The item may be fitted after the process is finished once it is returned to room temperature, or 2-3 days or 2-3 weeks or more after rotational moulding. Fitting requires the item to have a clean and especially smooth surface condition, with no dust, powder or oil.
  • Prior creation of your items, and customisation upon despatch to the customer.
  • Quick and simple application thanks to a self-sticking system, which does not require time-consuming friction to stick. Our white scraper allows us to finish the fitting efficiently.
  • Item does not undergo flame treatment before fitting, so there is no application temperature range. Application must not be performed below 15°C, as is the case with any self-sticking system.
  • Flame treatment after ROTO-TRANSTIP® 877 application for fusion with PE.
  • Your colour chart will be followed even after flame treatment.
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