Digital printing

Digital printing

Digital printing

Whether in terms of finesse or rendering, digital printing makes the production of your logos even more accessible. We can have a finesse worthy of the highest visual standards as well as an astonishing photo rendering.
As for years and always, TIP offers a technical and high quality digital printing solution.
For us, digital does not mean excessive rate and a deterioration in the quality of your product, no.
For us, digital is an opening of technical possibilities and an entry into a new world of industry.


Often intended for products placed inside, TIP also offers this solution for the outdoors.
Colorimetry in digital printing is always and again a puzzle when you want pantone or Ral matches. TIP offers, by setting up a digital color chart, the possibility of choosing from a certain standard of color that will be a constant for all your productions.
Digital hybridization and screen printing on the same product is possible according to the rules to be put in place.

Front panels

Polycarbonate and polyester print on the back for high ink resistance, shaped cut + adhesive adapted to the substrate.
A front panel is the permanent man / machine interface for your customer.
It's the image of your product, your brand, and your reliability. She must be perfect. FACE-NUM. TIP® is a presentation that pleases.

Label material

Continuous printing for the production of self-adhesive labels printed in digital coils to coils or reels to sheets. The marking of your technical references for lasting readability.
ETIQ-NUM. TIP® information which can even be read.


Adhesives printed in digital, a rendering and a definition equal to your brand image, with a layer of resin for a relief effect which gives life to your logo.
Quality signature to enhance your brand.