Revolutionary new products

TIP Research and Development Department has developped a revolutionary transfer for rotational molding. Several transfers called ROTO-TRANSTIP have been created to meet our customer requirements. There are two groups : the mold- in graphic transfers, they are applied to a polyethylene product during the rotational moulding cycle (inside the mould) and the mold-on graphic transfers, they are applied to the plastic after the molding process (outside the mould).


The 3 most important benefits about technical characteristics are :
To offer an easy-to-use transfer
To avoid the use of additive
To use a hot mould warmed with temperatures from 20°- to 70°


TIP aims are met. The ROTO-TRANSTIPS are considered as revolutionary new products. You really got cost savings from 10 to 20% without more investments, no additional space is required for printing equipment.
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