Our products : roll to roll screen printing

Roll to roll screen printing

This table provides an overview of our products range.
All our products are subject to analysis and  pre-qualification previous any use.
Please feel free to contact  our national and international sales staff through this website.
Pantone or ral  or matching colours  are not available through the digital printing.

Model Description Instructions


  • Self-adhesive label rolls for better grip on tools or assembly line and also in case of large order quantity.

  • The labels may be made of vinyl, polyester, polypropylene, polycarbonate, and so on...

  • Digital printing.

  • Inside chuck diam. 76 mm and outside diameter according to your request.

  • Requirement according to your specific needs : inner and outer constraints, fitting onto a base substrate with high or low surface energy and others....

  • Opportunity to convert rolls into sheets.

  • Field of application : identification labels in all areas of activity, appropriate labels for bottles and flasks, safety systems labels, computer print-out labels, name plates labels, appropriate labels for cans of the chemicals industry, and so on.....

According to your assembly line

Specific label

  • We are in a constant further development of our products range.

  • Our aim is to find a technically high quality solution for our customers.

  • Please contact  your area sales support if you haven’t found what you are expecting in the above list.