Marking and sealing of engine or other parts using TRANSTIP 833 type decal

This TRANSTIP 833, which we call engine sealing in our jargon, was developed at the request of racing commissioners and motor and motorcycle sports associations because they wanted to have an anti-fraud product that could be applied to an engine, a gearbox. , a cylinder head etc…. All parts that can be dismantled during a race and should not be.

Starting from this postulate, the TIP R&D department developed the T833 which is applied like a standard dry transfer but always on 2 parts which must not be separated for a certain time. This is the anti-fraud product from the TRANSTIP range. When the transfer/decal is applied and it heats up, it is impossible to remove it in one piece and then put it back in the same place without it being visible.

There are engine seals with metal wire, drilling of the part, etc. but this type of product is quite expensive and very time-consuming for racing technicians.

With the T833 when the product has been properly qualified, because it does not apply to all materials or all environments “contact us to find out more”, you have a marking product which is reliable and meets the needs of this type of application. It is used today almost everywhere in car and motorcycle competitions all around the planet.

Material used: :


Composition :

  1. Transparent carrier material
  2. Technical layer
  3. High quality screen printed colors
  4. Adhesive layer
  5. White or yellow silicone protector

Cutting: :

Sharp corners. Dimensions adaptable to customer needs.

Uses :

TRANSTIP 833 to be used for engine seals or other parts for anti-fraud systems in competition

Avantages :

  • Flexibility in anti-fraud marking
  • Speed ​​of application of the system in comparison with other systems on the market
  • Adaptability of transfer/decal to customer visual
  • Custom packaging possible
  • Incremented numbers and barcode possible
  • Good value for money

Inconvenience :

  • Storage 12 months in a controlled and temperate environment
  • Not very suitable for series below 500 pieces
  • Very good initial hold but even better after temperature rise

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